1  Residency at Zeta - Center for Contemporary Art in Tirana, May 7-22, 2023

2 Is Breath Music? Does it Play a Tune? April 2023, silkscreen poster, limited edition of 20, Multimondo Press, Bracciano 

3 If an Inauguration, October 2022, kit, limited edition of 48

~ Community Practices 

minìsae wants to open up its practice to people and let them participate. This way, shared experiences, moments of encounter and opportunities can emerge. 

Can an archive be considered a living organism? Does it have its own body, its own physiology, its own metabolism? The objects and the assets belonging to an archive are often torn from the life cycle of the present in order to be set aside, sometimes struggling to survive, sometimes even forgotten. Can we use our own bodies to revive an archive and renew the engagement of a community towards it? Is a more somatic and phenomenological experience available to us as researchers exploring an archive and to a larger and inclusive community to interact with it in innovative and unexpected ways? How do our senses and perception are taken into account in the attempt to make an archive being able to breathe with us again?

During a research residency at Zeta - Center for Contemporary Art in Tirana, May 7-22, 2023, we explored these questions and did a Call for Archives: 
Do you have an archive? An archive consists of something you treasure and that you wish to set aside to preserve for the future. minìsae is looking for informal archives that need help to survive. A survival kit will be created to support your archive and breathe life into it. The kit serves as a tool to access the archival material in different ways and make sure a trace remains. It can also be made mobile and shareable with others.

We finished our residency with a performative piece in three parts:
1. Preludio: an archival excursion
2. Intermezzo: the garden party
3. Finale: lamentations 

With the support of Goethe Zentrum and Istituto Italiano Tirana. Thanks to Olson Lamaj for the photos of the presentation at Zeta.

On Sunday, April 2, 2023, on the occasion of the CiviDesignMarket #12, minìsae invites you to a space where you can listen and play. There will be tools to do so. One is unusual but everyone has it … Come to find out!

Welcome to our space! You are invited to come in. Please take off your shoes and enter the playground. You can listen, you can play, you can listen to us playing, and you can play while listening. Can breath be a tool to play with? minìsae played it in the enclosed garden of Villa Massimo, the Accademia Tedesca in Rome.

The garden asked for discovery and this led, inevitably, to play. What is better than playing to explore a space? We tried to whistle to the tune of the fountain, we chased birds between the olive trees and spinned around on the grass. While doing so, we recorded the breath that changed its rhythm through playing.

Currently, minìsae is working on breath and its relationship with the ideas of intimacy and connection. For the CiviDesign Market, minìsae opens up its space to a participatory event in which the Roman garden is replaced by Galleria SpazioCorteQuattro, turned into a playground. Play a game. Interact with the soundscape. Let your breath manifest itself!

IF AN INAUGURATION, 2022 (in absentia)

Sheet Score

Camilla Crispino, Giorgia Minisini and An Paenhuysen are happy to present their new platform minìsae in Cividale del Friuli on the occasion of the Civi Design Market #11.

minìsae loves to work with what is there, with what remains. For its inauguration, a beautiful stack of white sheets from the archive of the association Noi…dell’Arte is used to create an environment in which you are invited to participate throughout the day.

Sunday, October 2, 2022, 10am-7pm
Galleria Spazio Corte Quattro
The event is free and for every age.

Three eventualities will guide your visit: 

12 pm _ Interpreters of the Wind
“Curtains are interpreters of the language of the wind.” (Walter Benjamin, Über Haschisch, 1972) 

3 pm _ Geste à Peau
“When I recall that gesture, I can still feel it on my cheek. It was a gesture that was an appeal to humanity.” (Gérard Miller, Rendez-vous chez Lacan, 2011)

5 pm _ Nocturnal Chronicles  
“Linen. And sleep. Sleep and linen. Sleep in linen. Sleep.” (Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, 1988)