The new stamp of minìsae, based on Cividale’s legendary Ponte del Diavolo

2 A stamp with the letters MM in the archive of the Minisini Pharmacy

~ Landscaping intentions

1. minìsae is a bridge, a practice in which contemporary art and somatic research meet.
2. minìsae is a plural. If you say it once, you create an echo. minìsae is also a genitive. When you meet, you start to relate.

minìsae is a group of artists and researchers involved in dance, movement, writing and visual arts. In addition to research and artistic production, minìsae offers educational and community practices.

minìsae as a platform was first thought of in the apartment nr. 1 in Largo Boiani 15, Cividale del Friuli, on Wednesday July 15, 2022. In the hands of Camilla Crispino, Giorgia Minisini and An Paenhuysen, an old stamp was going around, found in the archive of the Minisini Pharmacy. It carried the letters MM. In Cividalesi del Novecento you can read how Mattia Minisini moved his pharmacy to Cividale in 1938 and was the inventor of the potion Elixir China. The book also reveals Mattia’s birth date. He was born in the year 1894, and the day was July 15. The coincidence asked for a manifestation and minìsae is its name.

That Camilla Crispino, Giorgia Minisini and An Paenhuysen were together on that particular day, July 15, 2022, goes back to the year 2015 when Giorgia started to invite friends, dancers, writers, movers, artists and people of all kinds of professions to visit her hometown. Soon these get-togethers were nicknamed the G.G.A Minisini Residency. Sometimes, the residencies created leftovers - from a booklet for creative holidays to the story of an apartment that functioned as a dress.