~ To be read

From its very beginning, minìsae likes books (check out the G.G.A. Minisini Residency publications). The feel of paper, the sound of pages turning, the smell of a book. minìsae likes to read and when something is not yet written, it will publish it. 

After the residency in May 2023 at Zeta - Center for Contemporary Art in Tirana, minìsae created a booklet documenting the research on survival kits for archives. A book stander was made of paper-maché as a multiple, not only holding the booklets but also functioning as vases for the flowers of Villa nr. 55, or referencing the embrace of its garden walls.

At the art space door in Pigneto, Rome, on 18-19 February 2023, two zines were created by Camilla Crispino and Giorgia Minisini. They are originals, made in the context of the workshop Try a Twombly by An Paenhuysen and Milos Zahradka Maiorana.  The silkscreen stamp is by multimondo press in Bracciano. Inspired by Roland Barthes’ writing on the painter Cy Twombly, they visually and bodily improvised around the idea of making movement visible through signs. Tracing Affairs is the name given to a series of scores and zines of which we publish here the first two.

1. The Runaway

2. I only have eyes for you