1  An Paenhuysen, Camilla Crispino, Giorgia Minisini, Villa Massimo, Academia Tedesca, Roma, Febr. 2023

2 Giorgia Minisini and Camilla Crispino, photographed by An Paenhuysen in Trieste, April 2022

2 An Paenhuysen and Camilla Crispino, photographed by Giorgia Minisini in Trieste, April 2022. 


~ who is who?

Camilla Crispino is a researcher and educator in the somatic field and an artist of movement and written word. She conducts workshops and interventions based on the practice of movement, dance research and creative and dramaturgical writing in the context of  education and community meetings. She conceives and coordinates site specific projects of social and cultural participation and conceptualises theatrical and performative actions. Her training as a mover is strongly marked by working with Simone Forti and by studying with various dance and movement teachers including Daniel Lepkoff, Keith Hennessy and Lisa Nelson. Over the years she has deepened various disciplines of somatic work, graduating as a Somatic Movement Educator at the School of Body-Mind Centering® and receiving a Master in Authentic Movement at the Italian Art Therapy Institute in Bologna. Camilla has worked as a writer and editor in Italian publishing houses and international foundations. She is currently completing the training program Danzeducatore, directed by Franca Zagatti, which focusses on dance education and community practice. Camilla also attends the four-year training in Laban / Bartenieff Movement Studies directed by Karen Studd and Laura Cox (Whole Movement, USA).

Giorgia Minisini is a choreographer, dancer and educator. In 2020, she graduated as a Feldenkrais practitioner at the Feldenkrais Institute in Milan and New York. Since then, she has relocated to Cividale del Friuli where she started up an international residency program. She also researches and teaches a variety of somatic and movement approaches. Giorgia has been performing extensively around the world. She graduated in Contemporary Dance from The Place in London and then moved to New York to complete her studies with the Trisha Brown Dance Company. She holds a Master in Performing Arts Practices and Visual Culture from the University of Castilla la Mancha in collaboration with Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid. As a performer she worked together with Deep Blue Project (National Dance Company Wales), Cie. Dans (South Korea), Human Kenetic Arts Movement (USA) among others. She choreographed several pieces such as Out of the Blue (Teatro Pradillo, Madrid), Anastomose (Conaculta, Mexico City) and Shebeast (LaborGras, Berlin) In the field of improvisation, Giorgia was part of the Figure Space Project directed by Lisa Nelso and Steve Paxton and has extensively worked within Simone Forti’s research program.

An Paenhuysen is a curator, art writer, cultural historian and eductator based in Berlin. She is interested in the critical potential of the short and the light-humoured: flash stories, picture haikus, half thoughts. An has written for various cultural platforms and magazines like Sotheby's, Berlin Art Link, Spike Magazine, Women's Review of Books. Her latest poetry book Island Life was translated into Spanish (Quince Ediciones, 2022). In 2019, she became the director of The House of The Deadly Doris and started organising eventualities to reactivate its 1980s West-Berlin archive. At Node Center for Curatorial Studies, she teaches art criticism and creative writing in art. She is also the coordinator of Node’s International Curatorial Program. As a curator, An’s career started at Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum of Contemporary Art in Berlin with an exhibition on the 1920s dancer Valeska Gert. Before, An studied cultural history at the University of Leuven, Belgium, where she obtained a PhD on the cultural criticism of the Belgian avant-garde in the 1920s. She continued as a post-doc fellow researching on Berlin 1920s visual culture at UC Berkeley, Columbia University New York and Humboldt University Berlin before switching to the contemporary art world.